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The young, the elderly, the physically challenged, the medically dependent, the site impaired, the hearing impaired, or those dependent on some level of special care, all require special consideration when planning for an emergency. The considerations may focus on supplies, emergency contact information, notifications or other actions.

  • Carry a health information card if you have special needs.
  • Maintain a list of information: doctors, allergies, medications, disabilities, equipment required.
  • Evaluate your capacities, limitations, needs, and surroundings.
  • Determine type of help you may need during an emergency.
  • Work with health care provider to determine what service may be available after an emergency.
  • Keep sufficient medication and supplies for at least 7 days on hand.

Children, Elderly, and Disabled

  • Authorize a neighbor or relative to pick-up and care for children) in your absence.
  • Provide the elderly or disabled with a whistle or other method to call for help.
  • Arrange for a neighbor or friend to check on elderly or disabled family members in your absence.
  • Identify a method for evacuating disabled family members.

Does your child know or carry...

  • Contact names and numbers (home, work, pager, cell, e-mail)?
  • Emergency procedures including how to call 911?
  • Where to meet in case of an emergency?
  • How to recognize danger signals (such as fire alarms)?

Do you ...

  • Limit your child's TV viewing of news and raw footage of disasters?
  • Make sure baby-sitter knows emergency procedures?

Additional Information is available: