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In March 2023, the City of San Ramon conducted a Community Survey among registered voters in San Ramon, to identify resident satisfaction levels, community priorities, and more.

Through the research firm FM3, 481 residents responded to the survey, which was conducted anonymously over the phone and online. (The sample size was selected because it is a statistically significant industry standard, and provides a margin of error of +/- 5%.)

Survey results include:

  • 92% of residents surveyed say San Ramon is a great place to live
  • 90% of residents surveyed say San Ramon is a great place to raise a family
  • In an open-ended question on what residents like best about living in San Ramon, 35% of respondents said less crime / safety, followed by education / schools (16%), and location (16%).
  • When asked to identify the most serious problem facing the community, too much growth and development (31%) and crime / safety (24%) topped the list, followed by traffic / congestion (15%).
  • Voters’ highest satisfaction levels with City services are with maintaining public parks (90%) and providing bike lanes (81%).
  • Among the areas that voters identified as important to making San Ramon a great place to live, the top areas are preserving open space and natural areas (89%), maintaining public parks (87%), providing police protection in your neighborhood (86%), and maintaining streets and roads (86%).

The City of San Ramon values hearing from residents, and will be conducting more outreach in the coming months to learn more about community priorities.