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Get updates The charge of the Senior Citizens Advisory Committee, as approved by the San Ramon City Council, is as follows:
  • Make recommendations to the staff, Parks and Community Services Commission and City Council on the delivery of senior citizen programs, facilities, activities, services and policies.        

  • Appoint Policy, Program, and Facility, standing sub-committees and other sub-committees as necessary to provide preliminary review and comment of recommendations prior to being presented to full Committee.
  • Receive and evaluate input from the community, including input from other individuals and organizations on issues relevant to senior citizen programming.

  • Act as a liaison for senior citizen issues to other governmental, non-profit and private organizations.

  • Serve as a resource and advocate to the City on senior citizen issues.

  • Provide feedback to staff on the assessment of current and future needs of the senior citizen community for the purpose of program and facility planning.

  • Be a channel of communication between the staff, the Senior Center participants and the senior citizen community.





Richard Adler
Term Expires: March 2026
Carlos Carazo
Term Expires: March 2026
Colette Clark
Term Expires: March 2025
Sandra Lee March
Term Expires: March 2025
Junming Tu
Term Expires: March 2026
Term Expires: March 2025
Judith Murphy
Term Expires: March 2025
VACANT - Alternate #1
Term Expires: March 2026
VACANT - Alternate #2
Term Expires: March 2025


Steve Cox - Parks and Community Services Program Supervisor
(925) 973-3207