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Alameda County Industries (ACI) is the solid waste, recycling and organics collection and processing company for the City of San Ramon. For questions regarding ACI's services please contact ACI at (925) 380-9480 or [email protected]. To view and download (49,099 KB) a copy of the franchise agreement click here.

Additional information can be found at For questions regarding garbage rates, please e-mail [email protected] or see the Questions and Answers below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I decrease my garbage bill?

By properly sorting Recyclables and Organics,  including food-scraps and food-soiled paper, customers may be able to decrease the amount of garbage service needed.  If you regularly have extra room in your garbage cart, you can switch to a smaller garbage cart to decrease your rate.  If you need to increase your Recyclables and/or Organics service in order to decrease your garbage service, most residents can do so at no additional cost.  Residents may have up to two 96-gallon recycling carts plus up to two 96-gallon Organics carts at no additional charge.

If you do not need more than 35-gallons per week of Organics service, you can switch to a smaller green Organics cart and receive the discounted Small Green Cart rates.

If you have a 20-gallon garbage cart and receive the discounted Small Green Cart rate, you are already paying the lowest 2020 garbage rate available: $26.53 per month.  The City of San Ramon does not offer a senior discount, a low-income discount, or a discount for residents who do not put their carts out every week.

How do I pay my garbage bill?

For billing questions, please contact ACI at 925-380-9480 or [email protected].  You can also pay your bill on-line through ACI's website.

If you had paperless billing with Waste Management, that should have continued automatically with ACI.  If you had autopay with Waste Management, that cannot transfer automatically, and  you will have to sign up for autopay with ACI.

To sign up for autopay and/or paperless billing, please visit ACI’s website  and click on the red “Account Login” button in the upper right-hand corner to set up an on-line account.  You will need your ACI account number to set up your online account.  Your account number is on your bill.  You may also contact ACI to obtain your account number.

Do we have neighborhood clean-up days?

Yes.  ACI provides 3 neighborhood clean-up days per year. You can look up the dates of your three neighborhood clean-up day here:

In addition, you can set out up to two large bulky items (60-200 lbs. each) on each clean-up day. ACI will salvage materials such as clothing, books, sports equipment and toys for re-use.

Large, bulky items set out on your neighborhood clean-up day are collected at no additional charge. You can also have bulky items picked up at any time, for a fee, by contacting ACI at (925) 380-9480. More information about neighborhood clean-up days and bulky item collection can be found here: 

Neighborhood clean-up days are available to all residential customers with individual, curbside, garbage service.

Are the extra trash service tags that I purchased still good?

Yes.  Extra trash service tags do not expire.  ACI will honor San Ramon extra trash service tags that say "Waste Management" on them if they were purchased from Waste Management or the City before ACI began service on October 1, 2019.

Put occasional extra garbage in your own garbage bag (up to 32 gallons), tie shut, put an extra trash service tag on it, and ACI will collect it from the curb.   ACI now also offers paper bags for extra yard trimmings.  Extra yard trimmings collected in these bags will be composted instead of landfilled.

Both the extra trash service tags and the extra yard trimmings bags cost $12.00 each starting January 1, 2023.   This covers the cost of collection and disposal of the material. The tags and bags are available through the mail by calling ACI at 925-380-9480 and over the counter at City Hall (7000 Bollinger Canyon Rd.) during normal business hours.