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At the core of this vibrant community lies the significance of community spaces, which serve as the beating heart of our city, fostering unity and togetherness.

These invaluable communal spaces within San Ramon create the foundation upon which friendships are forged, memories are made, and the spirit of camaraderie flourishes. Whether it's a neighborhood park buzzing with laughter and play, a tranquil garden that inspires reflection, or a bustling town center that pulsates with energy, these spaces have an undeniable ability to bring our community closer.


The City of San Ramon has 58 parks. For a list of parks click here.

Help us keep our parks clean by being Trash-Free and using reusable dishware when havingTrash-Free San Ramon logo. a picnic or gathering. Click here for 5 tips for a Trash-Free picnic.

Trash-Free water bottle.

Visit the City's Trash-Free San Ramon for tips on how to be Trash-Free, click here.

Community Gardens
  • Learn about Crow Canyon Community Garden, click here.
  • Interested in gardening as a hobby? Check out garden allotments for rent, click here.

Picture of Crow Canyon Community Garden.

Residents at a community garden.

Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteers placing hands on top of other volunteer's hands.Here are some local volunteer opportunities that can enhance your understanding of the natural environment and help you contribute to its protection.

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