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Massage Establishment


  • Operating a business requires a Massage Operator’s Permit.
  • Giving a massage requires a Massage Therapist Permit
    • A person may own/operate a Massage establishment without having a permit to give massage.
    • "Outcall" is simply a form of business. It requires an Operator’s Permit. It means, simply, the business does not maintain an "establishment" where massage is given.
    • Every person who maintains premises where massage is given is operating a Massage Establishment and must have and display a valid Operator’s Permit.
    • A Massage Therapist working for an "Outcall" business must give the massage either in licensed premises or at the customer’s home or business.
    • If an Establishment is owned/operated by a partnership, all partners must be on the permit. If an Establishment is owned by a corporation, all officers of the corporation must be on the application.


  1. An applicant for a “Massage Operator’s Permit” (establishment) and/or “Outcall Massage Service Permit” must FIRST check with the Planning Division for zoning conformance and/or clearance.

  2. Applicant must then check for requirements from the Building Department.
  3. Schedule an appointment with the Police Department to be fingerprinted.

  4. Submit completed Massage Operator’s Permit/Outcall Massage Service Application and Massage Personal Information Sheet to Police Department. Include copies of training certificates, proof of malpractice insurance, and proof of membership in a certified massage association. The application fee and DOJ processing fee will be due at this time.

  5. Upon receipt of a satisfactorily completed application and required fee, you will be contacted once you have successfully passed a criminal history background check. No City or Police permits will be issued until a criminal history clearance is received.

  6. Applicants for a “Massage Operator’s Permit” (establishment) will be referred to: The applicant will be required to obtain a Building Inspection if there has been a change in occupancy use or construction/remodeling of the facility. The applicant is responsible for requesting inspections and obtaining these approvals. The Police Department will provide a facility inspection for Municipal Code compliance.
  1. Take all approved and signed documents to the Police Department. Once you pay the Massage Permit fee and have a photo taken for the identification badge, you will receive your Massage Services Permit.

  2. Take all approved and signed documents to the Planning Division to obtain a City Business License.

  3. An applicant who is employed by a licensed/permitted establishment will need police clearance only to obtain a “Massage Therapist Permit.” No further City permits or inspections are necessary.

If you are unable to download or are having trouble submitting forms online, please participate by contacting Administrative Coordinator Theresa Sanchez at [email protected] or phone (925) 973-2740. Thank you.