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San Ramon Open Space & Rural Areas

The City of San Ramon is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills that are preserved for the public to enjoy both visually from all over San Ramon as well as spaces to explore. The San Ramon City Council holds open space preservation as one of its key priorities with a stated goal to create bookends of Open Space along the Eastern and Western Edges of the City. 

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Open Space and Individual Contiguous Open Space Maps

The following maps show an overview  of the open spaces throughout San Ramon along  with the individual contiguous open spaces surrounding San Ramon in greater detail.

For more information please reference the San Ramon Open Space Advisory Committee’s Vision for Preserving Contiguous Open Space

Open Space & Rural Areas

San Ramon Open Space & Rural Areas Map

Westside Hills

Westside Hills Map

Crow/Bollinger Canyon

Crow-Bollinger Canyon Map

Tassajara Valley

Tassajara Valley Map