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Fun on the Farm

Saturdays from 11am to 2pm

Fun on the Farm Activities are FREE crafts and activities that highlight farm life and the late Victorian era.  These Saturday events are an opportunity to step back into history and enjoy the simple things of life.  
*Special events hosted by the San Ramon Historic Foundation are fee-based programs that require registration and will be indicated as such.



Jul 6                   CLOSED for 4th of July Weekend

Jul 13                 Pinch Pots

Rural potters usually dug clay from the earth on their own farms, often finding good clay near the bend of a river. We'll give you your own clay to fashion a pinch pot to take home. 

Jul 20                 Ice Cream

What foes into making a cool, tasty summertime treat like ice cream? Come learn how simple it is and help turn the crank to make homemade ice cream and sample this treat. 

Jul 27             Sun rings

Sun Printing is based on the cyanotype process, which has been used by artists since the 19th century. Collect Objects from around the farm to make your own unique print to take home. 



Aug 3               Kaleidoscopes

Invented in 1817 during the Victorian era. The word kaleidoscope loosely means "beautiful form watcher". Join us in making kaleidoscopes to take home to create your own beauty. 

Aug 10                Weather and Time

Different tools were used on the farm to tell time and check the weather. Learn how the Victorians knew the direction of the wind and kept time. 

Aug 17             Bread & Jam 

Thresh, grind, and sift wheat kernels to make flour, and bake bread. Got jam? Learn about the process of canning, and discover what unusual varieties of jams Ruth Boone made and sold at the farm in the mid 1900s. 

Aug 24               Hello? Operator? 

Did you know people used to not have their own telephone numbers? How did you call your friends? Come learn the history of the telephone and make your own vibratory telephone set.