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Storm drainage is crucial in managing the intricate relationship between rainfall and urban landscapes. As precipitation descends upon developed areas, it can overwhelm the natural water cycle, leading to flooding, erosion, and water quality degradation. Storm drainage systems, composed of various components such as pipes, culverts, channels, and detention basins, are designed to efficiently collect, convey, and control the flow of rainwater, directing it away from streets, properties, and infrastructure. By preventing flooding and minimizing the potential for waterborne hazards, these systems contribute significantly to communities' sustainable development and resilience.


Coyote Creek and South San Ramon Creek Bank Repairs

During the winter storm events over the New Year’s weekend of 2022 into 2023, Coyote and San Ramon Creeks suffered erosion damage on channel banks, around concrete structures, and along riprap revetments at approximately 10 locations between Veracruz Drive and Pine Valley Road. The repair work may include earthwork, biodegradable or environmentally friendly stabilization methods, riprap replacement or addition in some areas, and modification of the access road to relocate away from the damaged sites. As part of Public Assistance (PA) Program for the disaster, FEMA is currently reviewing the City's project for funding and is requiring the City of San Ramon to post the following Final Public Notice.