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Sunday, May 26 and Monday, May 27
11am – 6pm

What is the San Ramon Art and Wind Festival?
This signature, award-winning, regional event happens every Memorial Day weekend. The festival includes entertainment on 4 stages, fine arts and crafts, professional kite flyers, kite making workshops for children, a kid’s zone and other fun wind features. The event takes place in Central Park (12501 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon).

The Art and Wind Festival is truly a community driven event. A majority of the entertainment and all of the food vendors are residents of the Tri-Valley. We are proud of our commitment to community involvement.

What are the benefits of being a part of the Art & Wind Festival?
This event draws thousands of people from around the Bay Area who enjoy the vendors, entertainment and a beautiful park setting. By performing at this event your group will gain exposure as well as be a part of the dynamic entertainment lineup for this two-day festival.

How can a community-based dance or performing group (non-paid) get involved*?
Applying is easy! Submit the Entertainment Application below by March 8, 2024.  Entertainment applicants will be notified in April if they have been added to the Festival Line up.

For More information contact:
Suzy Chow
Art & Wind Festival Entertainment

(925) 973-3211

 If accepted, a confirmation packet will be mailed to you prior to the event. 

How can a professional musician or a band get involved?
Musicians and bands that would like to be considered for the Art & Wind Festival should email Suzy Chow at by March 8, 2024. Emails should include “Art & Wind Festival Band/ Musician for Consideration” in the subject line of the message and include a link to your website. For more information, call
(925) 973-3211.

Please note:
Derogatory, discriminatory or otherwise offensive performances will not be allowed on the stages at the Art & Wind Festival. If a performer includes anything in their act that is discriminatory or derogatory against another person, group, or contains offensive language or movements, they will be asked to leave the stage immediately and will not be allowed to perform at the festival in future years.

*Festival staff will determine placement of entertainment applicants onto one of the stages to maximize the number of performers and acts at the event.

2024 Art & Wind Festival Entertainment Application

Organization/Group Name 

Main Contact Name 


City   State   Zip 

E-mail   Website 

Primary Phone  

Day of Event Contact Person   Cell Phone 

Performers/Group Name   How many performers? 

Type of Entertainment  (please provide description)   Dance   Music  

                                          Martial Arts   Other 

Time Preferred - Rank each from 1 (best) to 4 (not ideal) 
(Groups scheduled on the hour)     Sunday 11am-3pm     Sunday 3pm-6pm 

                                        Monday 11am-3pm      Monday 3pm-6pm

Performance Length    Setup  * mins    Performance  mins    Cleanup/Strike  mins

(Performances should be 45 mins or less. Total time - up to 60 minutes including setup, performance and cleanup.)

Performance Requirements (Check box & indicate number of each item needed)

 Dressing Room
 Quick Change
 Music - CD
 Music - iPhone, iPad, mp3
 Live Music*
 Vocal Mics 
 Vocal Mic Stands *
 Instrumental Mics *
 Instrumental Mic Stands *
 Chairs *
 Tables *

* Attach a stage setup with all above items noted clearly. Each stage will have a professional sound system & sound tech.

Describe other requirements:

I, the undersigned, in consideration of participation in the San Ramon Art and Wind Festival, agree to defend, indemnify, release and hold harmless the City of San Ramon and its employees from any and all liability for damages, both actual compensatory and consequential, including but not limited to damages for personal injury, including death, as well as for damages to property, which may arise out of participating in this event.

The City further reserves the right to assign booth locations, and/or to deny any booth entries based on Festival policies.


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