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Residents in Central Park at Art and Wind Festival

The City of San Ramon is committed to providing the essential services and facilities that help maintain a high quality of life.

Every day, our employees work hard to support safe neighborhoods, quality streets and roads, attractive parks, abundant recreation venues and programs, vibrant arts and cultural opportunities, and more.

Our goal is to provide the services that our community values, while also being fiscally responsible.

Over the past 10 years, without creating an extra burden on our community, the City of San Ramon has:

  • Constructed the City’s Joint Public Safety Facility
  • Funded the Iron Horse Trail Overcrossing at Bollinger Canyon Road
  • Fully-funded City pension obligations
  • Been awarded $5.6 million in state funding to enhance public safety around retail centers

The City is beginning its 2024/25 Budget Process, with a commitment to maintaining existing service levels, even as the City navigates rising costs that outpace year-over-year revenue projections.

In line with the City’s commitment to maintaining financial stability, the budget must meet the City’s policy of maintaining a General Fund contingency reserve of 36% (or $21.6 million). Unmet staffing and operational needs, and many Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs), continue to remain unfunded. The City is exploring ways to include critical staffing and infrastructure funding into future balanced budgets to preserve the City’s quality of life.  The City continues to evaluate both federal and state grant opportunities for roads, parks, and public safety.

Community input is vital to budget planning and protecting San Ramon’s future.

In keeping with our ongoing commitment to quality service and transparency, we want to hear from you.

> Click here to complete a short survey about San Ramon's quality of life

If you have additional input or questions, please email [email protected].


The City of San Ramon’s adopted operating budget for the 2023–24 Fiscal Year (FY 2023–24), which begins July 1, 2023 and ends June 30, 2024, is outlined below.


Total City Revenue and Other Funding: $141.7 Million

• The $141.7 million of revenue, along with reserve funds accumulated in prior years, provides the funding that is available to finance City services.

59% of City revenue is general purpose and used to support Police, Public Works, Community Development, recreation programs, and other general government functions.

• The remaining 41% of revenue is restricted for specific purposes such as the Geological Hazard Abatement District, capital projects, services in special assessment districts, housing programs, and internal services such as vehicle and equipment replacement.


General Fund Revenue: $62.5 Million

General Fund Revenue consists primarily of taxes, licenses/permits, and service fees. Property tax is the City’s single largest revenue source. Assessed property valuation increased 5.9% during FY 2022-23. Actual assessed value changes will not be known until the late summer of 2023. Sales tax is the City’s second-largest revenue source. This revenue is subjected to the volatility of business-to-business transactions and construction material sales.


General Fund Revenue by source

*Other includes Fines & Forfeitures, Investment Income, Intergovernmental, and Miscellaneous Revenues


Total City Expenditure Budget: $131.1 Million

• Operating*          $92,823,617

• Capital Projects   10,600,371

• Internal Service    16,543,014

• Debt Service              5,895,543

• Special Revenue           306,236

• Housing Successor 4,948,387

Total:                         $131,117,168

*Includes the Dougherty Valley Geologic Hazard Abatement District - $1,209,496

Total City Expenditure Budget by Major Fund Groups

The $131.1 million Expenditure Budget is $9.0 million (7%) more than the FY 2022-23 Adopted Budget reflecting increases in General Fund, Other Operating Funds, Special Revenue Funds (Non-Operating), Geologic Hazardous Abatement District funds, Debt Service Funds, and Internal Service Funds; offset by decreases in Capital Project Fund.


 Total City Expenditure by Major Fund Groups


General Fund Expenditures - $59.9 Million

The General Fund Expenditure Budget is $5.7 million (10.5%) more than the FY 2022-23 Amended Budget.


General Fund Expenditure by Department FY2023-24 

*Includes City Council, City Manager, City Attorney, City Clerk, and Non-Departmental




1. Maintain a Safe and Secure Environment

2. Maintain a Secure Financial Base

3. Provide Cost Effective and Responsive Services to Sustain Qualify of Life

4. Build and Maintain Quality Facilities and Infrastructure

5. Enhance Engagement and Communication with Residents and Business Community

6. Balance Land Use Planning for Housing, Retail, Jobs, and Open Space



• Incorporated July 1, 1983

• 18.56 square miles

• 82,870 population (per State Estimate 5/1/23)

• $173,519 median household income (per US Census Bureau 7/1/22)

• 49,435 registered voters (5/23)

• AAA Rated - General Obligation Bonds

• Recipient of GFOA Certificate of Achievement Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting

• Recipient of CSMFO Operating Budget Excellence & GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Awards