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Before temporary political signs can be placed within the San Ramon city limits, each candidate or his/her appointee must sign a Statement of Responsibility for Temporary Political Signs.

This Statement must be on file in the City Clerk’s Department at 7000 Bollinger Canyon Rd and must be updated for each election.

This Statement accepts responsibility for the removal of all political signs within 10 calendar days following the election.

Any signs not removed at the end of this 10 day will be removed by the City of San Ramon and the candidate invoiced for the cost of removal.

The placement of political signs is subject to regulation.

Temporary political signs shall:

  • Pertain to a ballot measure, candidate, or issue to be voted upon within 90 calendar days of the initial date of posting.
  • Be no larger than 32 square feet in total sign face area and have a maximum height of eight feet measured from the top of the sign to the ground directly below it.
  • Not be placed within the public right-of-way or visible from the freeway or along the freeway’s on-/off-ramps.
  • Be removed within ten calendar days following the election.

Fill out and print: Statement of Responsibility Form


With the exception of signs which are located on legal Commercial Outdoor Advertising Structures, all political signs placed in areas under the jurisdiction of the Contra Costa County Community Development Department are regulated by Contra Costa County Ordinance Code Title 8, Division 88, Chapter 88-6, as follows:

Article 88-6 Section 88-6.810 Political Campaign Advertising

Political signs may be erected or displayed before an election until ten days after the election inclusive.

These signs may not be erected in the right-of-way of any state highway, county highway, or public road or street. (Ords. 92-36)

Other Sections relating to sign placements throughout Contra Costa County:

Article 88-6.8 Section 88.6.812 Sign - On Utility Poles

No person shall post, place, attach, erect, or maintain any sign, poster, advertisement, or any material or object of any kind on a pole, post, wire, or structure maintained under a franchise by a public utility or public service corporation in the right-of-way of any county or public highway.

The director of public works may issue permits for the posting of notices required by law, by order of any court or by the board of supervisors and shall require, as a condition of permit, that the notice be removed within ten days after the expiration of the period for which the notice is being given.

Article 88-6.8 Section 88.6.618 Sign - Intersection

No outdoor advertising structure, except Type IV signs, shall be erected or maintained in such a location or position that operators of motor vehicles who are within one hundred feet of the intersection of any public road with any other public road or any railroad will not have a clear and unobstructed view of the intersection and of any traffic on all of the roads or railroads entering the intersection for a distance of one hundred feet along all the roads or railroads.

If the sight distance at the intersection is already obstructed by building, structure, vegetation or topography, then the outdoor advertising structures may be located within one hundred feet of the intersection, so long as they do not constitute additional obstruction of sight distances.