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Because San Ramon offers an ever-growing base of “knowledge workers,” state-of-the-art infrastructure and excellent quality of life, our community is fertile ground for start-ups and established organizations looking to grow and evolve.

Craft brewers, bio-science, software, hardware, and clean energy companies contribute ideas, inventions, and products that positively affect the local economy and better life for everyone.
Innovation is encouraged here and the next generation of cutting edge technology is right around the corner.

San Ramon is home to two organizations that exist to further innovation and foster entrepreneurship. The iValley Innovation Center is an incubator providing financial institutions to foster an ecosystem of startups to maintain a continuous focus on innovation.

Founded in 2017, the Bishop Ranch Intelligence Innovation Accelerator (BRIIA) connects entrepreneurs with the resources and capital necessary to turn their startups into successful businesses. BRIIA helps startups from the initial idea to the closing of the first significant round of funding by providing, among other services, co-working communities, prototypes through an accelerator program, to making experts available as mentors to entrepreneurs. You can read more about the exciting programs at BRIIA here.


44 Mentors Available at BRIIA