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Supervisors within the San Ramon Police Department periodically contact citizens who had interactions with our employees. In 2022, the department launched a new Quality Assurance program via text message to conduct these contacts more quickly and efficiently. People were sent a text message with a link to Survey Monkey with eight questions.

The survey allows supervisors to identify areas of improvement or additional training. It can also be used to identify employees who provide exemplary service, and it creates a status report of the public’s perception of the department.

More than 650 people responded to the community survey, which asked respondents to rate their experience with San Ramon officers in terms of professionalism, safety, integrity, satisfaction, etc. 

2022 Community Survey Results

If you've recently had contact with a San Ramon Police employee and receive a text message from 925-967-4425 with a link to Survey Monkey, it's a legit request from us for this year's Community Survey - it's not a scam.