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Violation of CA Vehicle Code Code Section Bail Amount
Parked in Red Zone CVC 21458a $35.00
Blocking Intersection CVC 22500a $35.00
Blocking Crosswalk CVC 22500b $35.00
Parking Adjacent to Safety Zone CVC 22500c $35.00
Parking Within Fifteen Feet (15’) of Fire Station Driveway CVC 22500d $35.00
Blocking Driveway CVC 22500e $35.00
Blocking Sidewalk CVC 22500f $35.00
Blocking Excavation CVC 22500g $35.00
Double Parked CVC 22500h $35.00
Stopping in Tube or Tunnel CVC 22500j $35.00
Stopping on Bridge CVC 22500k $35.00
Blocking Wheelchair Access CVC 22500l $250.00
Curb Parking CVC 22502a $35.00
Curb Parking One-Way Road CVC 22502e $35.00
Unincorporated Area Parking CVC 22504a $35.00
Parked in Posted No Parking Area CVC 22505b $35.00
Blocking Handicapped Parking Stall CVC 22507.8a $275.00
Parked in Handicapped Parking Stall CVC 22507.8b $275.00
Parking on Line / Handicapped Parking Stall CVC 22507.8c $250.00
Fire Hydrants CVC 22514 $35.00
Unattended Vehicles CVC 22515 a & b $35.00
Illegal to Park on RR Tracks CVC 22521 $35.00
Park Near Sidewalk Ramps CVC 22522 $250.00

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