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The City of San Ramon has a contract with ACI of San Ramon to provide Commercial Garbage Service for commercial and industrial businesses and institutions.

ACI bills commercial customers monthly. The rates are established by the contract between the City and ACI and are adjusted every January 1 according to a cost index formula in the contract. Garbage rates for commercial customers are based upon the number, size. and type of garbage containers used, and the frequency of collection.

If you need to:

  • Start service
  • Report a missed pick-up or any other service problem
  • Replace or repair a cart, bin, box or compactor
  • Change your container size or frequency of collection
  • Resolve a billing issue
  • Obtain general program information
  • Schedule a training  on proper sorting for employees

ACI of San Ramon
(925) 380-9480

[email protected]

To lodge a complaint or if you are not satisfied with ACI’s services, or have general questions about San Ramon's environmental goals, ordinances, and programs please contact the City.

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Recycling Services

Recycling services for San Ramon businesses and institutions are offered on a competitive, free market basis. Some recyclers will charge for services, others may pay for recyclables depending upon type, quantity and quality. The City does not set the rates charged by commercial recyclers, except for ACI.  Commercial recyclers must obtain a permit from the City. The current list of permitted commercial recyclers can be found here.

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Color-coded carts and bins