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Preschool Enrichment Classes


Kinder Ready 
Instructor: Michelle Keenan

Young learners will embark on a journey to prepare for Kindergarten. Supporting hands on learning through activities for a successful transition into Kindergarten. We will engage on early literacy through stories, rhymes, letter sounds and laying the foundation for a lifetime love of reading.

 Please Note:
• Materials/Fee: $40 due to instructor. ( Includes Little Readers (books) for students & craft materials for all students used for class time)
• Items Needed for the Class: Water bottle, snack and jacket.
*  Children must be completely responsible for their own bathroom needs. 

Ages: 4-6yr
Location: San Ramon Community Center
Fridays, 3/1-3/22            12:30pm-1:30pm           Act#23958
Fridays, 4/19-5/10         12:30pm-1:30pm           Act#23959

Getting Ready for Preschool
Instructor: Michelle Keenan

This Early Childhood Education focused class is to help young learners transition into an actual preschool environment. Caregivers will accompany their child and assist them experience preschool readiness. Social emotional activities and engagement in reading, letters and numbers will be included with an experienced certified Early Childhood Educator. 

• Materials/Fee: $40 new or returning students  ( includes little readers for new students & materials for ALL students used for class time) 
• Items needed for the class: Parent/guardian to accompany participant, snack and water bottle. 

Ages: 2yr 6m-4yrpreschool
Location: San Ramon Community Center
Fridays, 2/2-3/22         10:00am-11:25am               Act#22677
Fridays, 4/12-5/24         10:00am-11:25am           Act#23075

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