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Remember to always check with the Planning Division at (925) 973-2560 to confirm zoning requirements prior to beginning your project!


  • Plot Plan: (indicate scale); lot dimensions; plan view of the site showing the location of buildings undergoing interior demolition; dimensions of buildings, building setbacks and yards; north arrow; identification of all streets and rights-of-way adjacent to the site; location of all driveways and site entrances. Provide location of solar panels.
  • Installation Details: Provide weight of panel, number of panels, area covered, listing of panel (UL), and equipment listing. When roof mounted: provide type of existing roofing materials, weight of existing roofing materials, attachment of panel support to structure. When panel installation weight exceed 5.0 (five) pounds per square foot provide structural calculations. When installed on other structure provide details of structure (framing) and possibly structural calculations. (See handout link below).