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Upcoming ACI Rate Adjustment
Posted on 12/13/2023

Waste collection rates will go up 5% beginning January 1, 2024. Most households have 35-gallon service, and currently pay $145.08 per quarter ($48.36 per month). Beginning January 1, the adjusted rate will be $152.33 for the same service, an increase of $7.25 per quarter, or $2.42 per month.

Per the City’s Franchise Agreement with ACI of San Ramon, every year there is a scheduled review of the rates to determine what the waste collection rates will be beginning January 1, 2024. Rate Year 5 (2024) is scheduled as an index-based review meaning that rates are adjusted by inflation due to increased labor and fuel costs, various cost indices, changes to Processing (recycling and organics) and Disposal (trash) costs based on tonnage of materials collected and includes any adjustment to tipping fees at the landfill.

On October 1, 2023, ACI submitted their Rate Application with the above financial details, estimating the 2024 per ton landfill rate, and requested the rate adjustment be 7.27% for 2024.

Staff and the City’s consultant examined the financials, received the actual 2024 Disposal rate in mid-October, and determined that an adjustment of 6.23% was justified. The Franchise Agreement states index-based years include a maximum 5% rate increase; therefore, the rate increase for 2024 will be 5%. The 1.23% difference ($287,724) will be rolled over to next scheduled rate adjustment application in the fall of 2024.

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